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Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting: The 30-Day Body Reset Program

Introducing a plant-based weight-loss plan with lasting results

As we begin to approach the new year, many of us will be starting to make our resolutions for 2023.

Losing weight. Eating healthier. Becoming more active.

But how often have your resolutions been abandoned by the end of January, leaving you feeling despondent and at a loss?

The reality is that fad diets DO. NOT. WORK. They might seem like a quick fix, but pretty soon you’ll revert back to your old habits and the weight will start piling back on.

What you need is to make small, long-term changes to your lifestyle that will transform your health, body, and mindset for good. So if you’re looking for the guidance, motivation and support you need to help you finally achieve the body you’ve been striving for, I’m here to help you make it happen.

What is the 30-Day Body Reset Program?

The 30-Day Body Reset Program isn’t your average diet plan for weight loss. You won’t feel hungry and you won’t struggle to keep the weight off once the 30 days are up.

You will be joining a supportive group of like-minded individuals with the same goal as you: to become healthier (want some extra privacy? There’s a 1:1 option for this program, too!). Throughout the program, you’ll receive daily guidance and advice from your coach (me!), celebrating your progress together as you lose weight, become healthier, and heal spiritually.

Why is clean eating so important?

Losing weight isn’t the only benefit of this program. Eating a whole-food, plant-based diet provides you with all the nutrients you need without subjecting your body to any synthetic products or harmful chemicals, giving you more energy, stabilizing your cholesterol, and reducing your aches and pains and the risk of diseases such as diabetes and even some cancers.

Not only that, you’ll be leading a kinder, more natural lifestyle that protects the environment and gives you peace of mind knowing that you are making the right choice.

So what does it involve?

To help you get the best results, this program is split into two phases:

  • A Liver Cleanse

  • 21-Day Plant-based Clean Eating plan. ​

Phase 1: 9-Day Liver Cleanse

The liver is an extremely important organ, helping your body to break down nutrients, balance hormones and metabolize harmful chemicals. But when there is excess fat in your diet, the liver can’t function properly.

This cleanse has been specifically formulated to help eliminate toxins from your body and prepare your liver for optimal performance so that you can start your brand-new lifestyle with a clean slate.

The cleanse includes a plant-based menu plan, a grocery list, and healthy recipes that will allow your body to start healing from within.

Phase 2: 21-Day Plant-Based Clean Eating ​

The 21-Day Clean Eating plan will show you how to make a whole-food, plant-based diet work for your busy life. You'll get simple yet hearty recipes that are quick to prepare but will keep you full for hours. Nutrient-packed meal plans are built into the program so you don't need to stress about how to put it all together.

What else will I get?

In addition to the liver cleanse and meal plan, you’ll get a ton of great freebies that will help accelerate your progress and get you into the best frame of mind to kick-start your new body and lifestyle!

You’ll receive:

  • A 3-week plant-based menu plan

  • A recipe book with 20 vegan breakfast meals to jump-start your day

  • A recipe book with 30 vegan meals to help you lose belly fat

  • A plant-based starter guide, which includes:

  1. healthy swaps

  2. meal suggestions and;

  3. a pantry list

  • 4 Weekly coaching sessions with me

  • ​​​Live zoom cooking session

  • ​Breath work and meditation practice for stronger mental health

What are the results like?

Read what others have said about the 30-day Body Reset Program. I have also quoted a few recent success stories:

“Suzi was a wonderful support when I was doing the liver detox and 21-day plant-based diet recently. It helped me to change my lifestyle, and she made sure we were into it by motivating me to be consistent and committed. She is really a kind, helpful and professional person. Thanks Suzanne!”

-PremKumar Vadivel Bhoopalan


“Suzi is an amazing wellness coach and a gem of a person. She helped me transition smoothly to a vegan lifestyle with her 21-day clean eating challenge. The vegan challenge was carefully planned, helpful, and fun-filled. If you need nutrition advice, Suzi should be your go-to person...she will go beyond her scope to help you out!”

-Aarohi Surya


“I enjoyed the Liver detox and 21 Day plant-based programs with Suzi. She is so generous in sharing information and very supportive and encouraging. I got rid of my cheese addiction which is amazing!”

-Anna Kan


So there you go. You’ve heard everything you need to hear about this program, and so now the decision is up to you.

If this sounds like something you’d like to benefit from, don’t hesitate to sign up or reach out to ask me any questions you may have.

I offer overtime payment plans as well as a money-back guarantee if this program happens to not suit you at any point.


I can’t wait to help you reach your health goals and achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of!

Reach out directly to me:


Yours in healthy living,

Suzanne Saleh

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