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Breath well: 11 Ways Regular Breath work can Improve Your Life

Nobody mentioned we would have to read a whole 2-minute article on how to breathe! It's supposed to be a natural flow with the body but here we are... I know...

Sometimes due to situations of life like I always call them, you are stressed out emotionally and physically, way above what your body would normally tolerate and this is where breath work comes in to calm the storm.

When you are stressed out, your breathing pattern is heavily impacted. You tend to breathe much faster and shallow and this reduces the oxygen count in your bloodstream. In situations like this, your brain's first signal to the body is 'danger' and this makes your body enter into either fight or flight mode.

Taking a short time to reassure your brain that everything is fine by intentionally taking slow, deep breaths, helps your body relax and continue to function normally. Pundit Acharya says "Only those who know how to breathe will survive".

What is Breath work?

Breath work is not a new practice. It has been in existence for thousands of years and is strongly rooted in yoga practice. Yoga joins the body and mind together using breath work, pranayama, postures or asanas.

It works by releasing stress and toxins when you breathe out while nourishing your body and mind when you breathe in.

Breath work is defined as a conscious and controlled breathing done over a period of time for purposes of relaxation, therapeutics and meditation. Breathing well is taking charge of your life.

11 Ways Breath work Can Improve Your Life

  1. It increases your joy and happiness.

  2. Lowers stress and anxiety levels.

  3. Helps you conquer addictions.

  4. Get rid of negative feelings and thoughts.

  5. Heals emotional pain and trauma.

  6. Boosts your body immunity.

  7. Fights anger issues.

  8. Reduces chronic pain.

  9. Lowers risk of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  10. A stable and normal blood pressure.

  11. Quality deep sleep time.

Examples of breath work exercises

4-6-8 breath

This technique works by counting beats while you breathe in and out. It is a very quiet way and helps your mind focus.

Breathe in for 4 beats - hold your breath for the next 6 beats - exhale for the next 8. A longer exhale helps you completely empty the air in your lungs.

Abdominal breathing (Deep)

This breath work technique involves using deep and long breath. While you breathe, imagine your breath nourishing your entire body. In this technique, your chest and belly should expand during inhalation, and during exhalation, your chest should relax while your belly pulls towards your spine. This deep breathing technique sends relaxation signals to your body.

Holotropic breath work

It is recommended to have a certified practitioner as a guide in this technique. You will be guided to maintain a fast inhalation and exhalation pattern for a particular length of time with no pause. This is mostly done while lying down. This breath work technique allows lots of oxygen into the body and renews body cells.

Alternate nostril breath work

  • Using your right thumb, apply slight pressure on your right nostril.

  • Take a deep breath using your left nostril and hold your breath before switching sides.

  • Gently release your right thumb and use your right index finger to apply slight pressure to the left nostril while exhaling from the right nostril.

  • Pause and take another deep breath before alternating. This technique works to balance your body and mind.

For an effective breath work, you need to wield a high amount of focus and concentration. Distractions and noise during sessions can hinder the efficiency of breath work. Always consult your doctor to know what's best for you. Breathe, it's just a bad day, not a bad life!

Are you wanting to get started with proper breathing? Healthy living with Suzanne can guide you! Email me at to get started or on WhatsApp at +971 55 328 2186.

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