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My Review Of The Liver Rescue Cleanse 3.6.9

So after having celery juice for a year and witnessing the amazing results, I immediately read the book The Liver Rescue,by The medical medium,Anthony William, to learn more of what useful information he had to share.

The book can be found on Amazon any your local bookstores. It is a big book! Has a lot of information about so many diseases and illnesses and all explained in easy layman words so all can comprehend and relate. My take away from reading the book was that our livers are overburdened with all the toxins we encounter everyday, and that there are so many people with sluggish livers who don't even know about it, and are facing health challenges. They could be having difficulty to lose weight, mystery weight gain, aging, skin conditions,constant bloating, chemical and food sensitivities, night sweats, chronic fatigue,fibromyalgia and even diabetes.

At the end of the book he reveals the Liver cleanse, which I decided to do and a few other people joined me which was great! During detoxes and cleanses its very important to have a community so we all share our experiences and learn from one another.

Its a 9 day liver cleanse with 3 phases,avoiding fats so that the liver can focus on detoxing instead of breaking fats and producing bile.