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What is Reiki?

The word Reiki means universal life force. It's a gentle, Japanese healing practice where the person receiving the treatment experiences a deep relaxation which helps restore and balance the mind, body, and soul.


It’s a hands-on treatment, where the practitioner lightly places their hands on the client (or just above) and the practitioner focuses healing energy to the receiver.

REIKI Health Benefits

Reiki is a restorative, energy-based healing that provides support on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


·      Relieves tension and reduces stress

·      Ease pain and promotes healing

·      Encourages calmness, lightness, and peace

·      Improves sleep

·      Helps to clear toxins

·      Improves concentration and mental clarity

·      Emotional support

·      Improves oxygen level

·      Regulates hormones and releases endorphins

What to expect in a REIKI Treatment

In a reiki session, you will lie on a comfortable massage table with a light blanket. There will be soft relaxation music playing, and if you'd like some ESSENTIAL OIL diffused to help support your specific emotional and physical needs.


During the reiki session, you will close your eyes and experience deep restorative relaxation. This is when your body does it's best healing. You will feel my hands gently on you and you may feel a little heat from my hands but you may feel nothing at all. Some people see colours, tingling, fall asleep or feel other sensations in their body. But it's not important to feel anything at all. The Reiki energy will be working and regardless if you feel anything or not.

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