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Welcome to the events calendar

Vegan Challenge ($28.00)

Join a 21 day Vegan challenge to experience a healthier and energetic YOU!

Group coaching setting in a private group led by a certified health coach.

Vegan starter guide

Grocery shopping list

Easy vegan recipes

Daily motivation and tips

Easy and healthy meal inspirations

Private support group

Guidance and support with a certified health coach

Private 45min health consultation in person or Tel


Weight loss, increased stamina and energy, blood pressure and sugar management, less inflammation, improved digestion and overall sense of well-being.


Liver Cleanse ($ 22.00)

Join a 9day liver detox produced by the Medical Medium. 

This detox is a gentle cleanse where we give our hard-working

liver a break from multitasking and nourish it with specific foods that are

vital for liver health. 




Check out my blog to read about the steps involved and its amazing benefits.

Image by Vegan Liftz

21 Day Abundance Journey (Meditation Challenge)


This is a Deepak Chopra abundance journey where every day you will have small tasks to complete and listen to a few minutes of meditation audio.

You have the power to create the life you want and this challenge helps you start this journey and attract abundance in your life.

Image by Natalia Figueredo
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