“Invest in your employees so they invest in your business”​

Work Wellness

My mission is to improve the physical and financial health of your company through non conventual education about food and health.

Do you need some healthy inspiration in your workplace?


Do you constantly hear that employees are complaining about work/life balance?


Need someone who can share their story, provide a new strategy to obtain health goals?


Are you noticing more employees with chronic disease/pain?


How health and wellness coaching benefit your business?

  • Attract health conscious talent (who tend to be more productive with less healthcare costs)

  • Create a healthier corporate culture that encourages employee potential

  • Lower healthcare costs as people are empowered to make healthier choices.

“The way your employee feels is the way your customers will feel” 

I work closely with the company to identify what specific coaching/training they would be interested in and then make tailored specific programs that can run one a month or bi-monthly. I also include meditaion and yoga sessions in the program.


If you are ready to incorporate a happier and healthier environment, lets talk.

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