30 Day Body Reset Program


Phase 1: 21 Day Plantbased Clean Eating
Phase 2: 9 Day Liver Cleanse

Are you looking to lose weight, become healthier, heal spiritually, and change your life for the better? Welcome to the Lighter and Leaner Programme! 


In 21 Days you will learn how to lose weight, have a full plate and, best of all, keep the weight off! 

This is NOT a diet, but instead, you'll be making some small changes to have you eating and living a healthier lifestyle. 


 You will be joining so many others who are losing weight, preventing and reversing disease with a plant-based diet and I can’t wait to see your progress!


A whole food plant-based diet is supported by decades of research showing that a plant-based diet can help you reach a healthy weight and lower your risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic diseases. 


 This program will help you to experience a healthier and energetic YOU!

This program is for you IF:


- You have tried many diets before and nothing has worked


- You have lost weight in the past but you can't seem to keep it off


- You’re tired of fad diets and quick fixes 


- You want to feel full and lose weight (no portion controls)


- You want to be in control of your health and need some motivation


- You or someone you care about is suffering from chronic illnesses that are linked to being overweight, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, inflammation, cancer, constipation…


- You love your body and know that a healthy body is a lean body

Here is what you will get

3-week menu plan (Value AED 240)

Includes healthy easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks

Grocery list

Meal prep notes

Recipe book with 20 vegan breakfast meals to jumpstart your day

(Value AED 75)

Recipe book with 30 vegan meals to help you lose belly fat

(Value AED 110)

Liver Cleanse Program- Includes menu plan, grocery list, recipes for the 9-day detox following Medical Medium Protocols

(Value AED 184)


Plantbased starter guide

Includes healthy swaps, meal suggestions, pantry list


4 Weekly coaching sessions (Value AED 1470)


Private Facebook/Whatsapp support group

Email support

Daily motivational and accountability support

                   Just AED 1010 for all the above!


And that's not all!!


You also get



  • 1 meditation session 

  • 1 pranayama session 

  • 3 yoga  sessions 

  •  9-day liver detox plan


​Give your health, body, and mind the kickstart it needs to be the best version of yourself to be able to handle any challenges you may face and be stronger, healthier and lighter for 2022!

Ready? Then hit below and join in for a fun healthy challenge and experience the amazing benefits.


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